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Road Less Traveled lyrics

by Joanna Martino

I've been standin' here a while
Looking down these dusty roads
The long one seems like at least another mile
Or I could follow the crowd and hope it leads me home

But you've been here with me so far
To follow You means to journey on
And You've promised that the long road would be hard
But You've also promised I won't face it on my own

I will take the road less traveled
I will follow where You lead
For I know You've gone before me
To meet my need
And the road less traveled
Will make the difference in me

Choices come and then they go
And leave our hearts somewhere in between
Some may haunt us while others offer hope
Still we make decisions that determine who we'll be


I know I'm not alone
You always walk with me
And I'll go down any road
If I can hear You calling me, calling me


© 2005 Joanna Martino

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