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Right Where You Want Me lyrics

by Joanna Martino

Sometimes I feel like
I'm runnin
a race against the world
And I'm loosin
cuz I barely made it pass the starting line
I know I got this crazy idea that your too busy
And I'm helpin you by takin back my life
When it all falls down and blow up in
my face, I realize that it was not my place

It's over my head, out of my reach
I lay it down on the ground and it's on my knees
your all that I've got, your all that I need
And suddenly I find myself, Where I need to be
I'm right where you want me

Sometimes I try to pretend that
It's under my control
You remind me, and the truth is I don't
really have a clue
Cuz this life is not about me it's about your mercy
And your glory and every day
becoming more like you
Cuz when it all falls down
And blows up in my face
You lift me up to a higher place

You set my feet on solid ground
And when all hope is gone
you are where peace can be found
© 2005 Joanna Martino

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