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God Is Never Gone lyrics

by Joanna Martino

A boulevard I'd never choose
I walked a strange avenue
All my dreams were inside- out
I heard a whisper " needed a shout

Everything around me has been trying my faith
But now I know it's trying to say

God is never gone
He is by your side
In the middle of nowhere
Barely hanging on
It'll be all right
He's already there
You'll never be alone
There's nowhere you can go
God has never gone

A million miles from where I was
Faithful is as faithful does
So like a siren cuts the dark
I will scream to the lonely hearts

Even in the solitude of loosing your way
You don't have to be so afraid


In your wildest dreams
In your painful prayers
Everywhere between
Even there


© 2005 Joanna Martino

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