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Energy lyrics

by Joanna Martino

You made the world
Created time
You spoke into the darkness
It exploded in light

Out of the ground
You formed a man
By Your breath
All life began

I could never understand that kind of power if I tried
And how You use it to transform my life

I can feel your energy
You are my life
The current runnin' through my veins
You're the power inside of me
When I am weak
Fill me with your energy

There are days
I'm feelin the crunch
Trying hard to figure out
How to live up

I'll never deserve
The gift that you gave
Of how You love me in a million ways

Without You there my world would stop and fall from space
There's nothing more electric than Your grace

Deep enough to last forever
Strong enough to change a heart
Big enough to change the universe
It measures off the charts

© 2005 Joanna Martino

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