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The Next Great Awakening lyrics

by Jake Hamilton

I see you in the valley
Transferring death for life
I see an army coming
They all bear your light

I am not bound to reason
I live in violent love
This world can not define me
My hearts set above

For me to live it Christ
For me to die is gain
I am not shrinking back
I'll never be the same

Four walls can not contain me
I know I've been possessed
I know that God is love
And there's no failing love
So I am fearless

Come, love is overtaking me now.

Ch 1:
This is the sound
of a revolution.

This is the sound
of a prophet's cry.

This is the sound
of a reformation.

This is the sound
of a warrior bride.

This is the sound
of a giants falling.

This is the sound
that you can't ignore.

This is the sound
of a rebel rising.

This is the sound
of an open door.

God, release the sound
Release the movement
I'm laying down everything

God, you promised nations
I want the nations
I'm not gonna settle, now
I, I hear the cry
I hear the longing
This is the sound of freedom

I stand in the gap
I stand here praying
For the next
Great Awakening

(Ch 1)

Revival's not an epic or a mission

Revival's not program
or a play

Revival is not a slogan
Revival is a man
His name is Jesus

(Ch 2)

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