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What She Knows lyrics

by Jaded Thorns

She's searching, she's trying to find, what is real and what is in her mind.
She's confused about what she knows, as the doubt insider her grows,
and she cries, she holds on tight, wondering how will this ever be right.
She's searching, she's trying to find,
through the memories that clutter her mind,
is it true all the things that they say,
does it have to be this way, can she break the lies that bind.
To the abuse, she's getting used, used to the hurt that's been buried inside.
Her head is a mess, her tears they confess,
that this child is running out of time.
She cries. "Is there something wrong with me,
who am I to believe, can someone please help me."
© 2004 Word of Mouth

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