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Prayer to Love lyrics

by Jaci Velasquez

Prayer to Love

When I'm in trouble, You rescue me.
When I'm alone in my soul, You're here with me.
Always unconditional, when I need a friend.
You hold me and You're strong, but gentle enough to bend.
You know my name when I call, You don't forget me when I fall.
You're my anchor, You're my wings
And I know you're listening. Yeah

Love save me, oh Lord make me.
A reflection of Your love. Capture me, don't set me free.
Surround me by Your love.... Love, Love, Love

Let me see through Your eyes, touch me with grace.
When you color my world, it's such a beautiful place.
I put all my faith in You, Ill go where you want me to.
You'll be there with open arms, when I have a fragile heart. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Repeat 1st Chorus Above

2nd Chorus:
The closer I am to You Lord, The nearer I am to Love.
Place the path to You, before me, Keep Your hand above.
This is my prayer to

© 2005 Word Entertainment

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