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God Is Great lyrics

by Graham Kendrick

God is great, amazing!
Come, let his praises ring
God is great, astounding!
The whole creation sings

His clothing is splendour and majesty bright
For He wraps himself in a garment of light
He spreads out the heavens, his palace of stars
And rides on the wings of the wind

What marvellous wisdom the Maker displays
The sea vast and spacious, the dolphins and whales
The earth full of creatures, the great and the small
He watches and cares for them all

The rain forest canopies darken the skies
Cathedrals of mist that resound with the choirs
Of creatures discordant, outrageous, ablaze
In colourful pageants of praise

Above his creation the Father presides
The pulse of the planets, the rhythm of tides
The moon marks the seasons, the day follows night
Yet he knows every beat of my heart

Let cannons of thunder salute their acclaim
The sunsets fly glorious banners of flame
The angels shout 'holy' again and again
As they soar in the arch of the heavens

Graham Kendrick/Steve Thompson
Copyright © 1993 Make Way Music

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