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Chimayo lyrics

by Fernando Ortega

I have seen the golden summer light
Flicker in the trees,
In the orchard where the long grass
Sways in the breeze.
In the shade across the fence
An old man in a chair
Dreams of the names and faces
Who've been there.

But lately I have seen you fading
As the world is changing,
As the seasons fly.
Still my heart in secret
Holds on to the deepest colors
Of the earth and sky.

In the graying of the year
When leaves and sunlight fall,
Make the shadows of the orchard
Deep and tall.
Then the winter comes and covers
All that does not move
Underneath the Sangre Cristo
Stars and moon.

But I will come and find you
When the spring unbinds you
Singing of an older time,
Still my heart in secret
Holding to the deepest colors
Of the earth and sky.

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