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Potential lyrics

by Craig's Brother

Hey there, Mr. Personality, was everybody wrong to think
That you would have the world on it's knees
Or perhaps we were too blind to see that all your grace would fall to entropy
Leaving only fear and apathy and useless dreams

And the shadows that you cast so tall on the wall of possibility
Grow closer to infinity with every word that goes unsaid
Cause you could build your house of gold if you could only find a place to start
But for now there's just a question mark hanging on your head

Cause you could be the best there ever was (3x)
But you won't move cause you're to scared
Potential shines so bright when never dared

And I never thought I'd find you gagged and bound by mediocrity
Denying who you want to be how did your standards get so low?
Or are you still content hang your feat in the pool of opportunity
When everyone has yet to see a single thing to show

Hey Mr. World at your Feet did you finally accept defeat?
Or was your bark more than your bite
When you wake up from your dream to find your smile has lost it's gleam
Well maybe then you'll see the light

Cause you could be the best there ever was (3x)
But nothing's gained when nothing's shared
Potential shines so bright when never dared

So break those chains and take the world
It's yours to claim, or are you still afraid
To take some value from those impotent dilapidated aspirations

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