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Sunshine Girl lyrics

by Britt Nicole

Did you wake up on the right or the wrong side of the bed today?
Maybe your morning’s running right on time or a little late
Head out
Traffic’s slow on the interstate
Take the back way
Will this be a good or a bad day?
Well don’t you worry

I could be your sunshine girl
Or the company for your misery
I could be the quiet one
Or the life of the party
Whatever you need, I’m your girl

When you show up does everybody smile and wave or look away?
Are you feeling beautiful or is this a bad hair day?
Maybe you’re falling so in love or your heart is about to break
Will this be a good or a bad day?
Well either way

Go ahead, freak out
I’m gonna stay
So if you’re happy or sad, well baby, you can look my way

© 2007 Sparrow

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