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Ready lyrics

by Britt Nicole

Lately Iíve been reeling
Off the way you got me feeling
Iíve been tired of this for way too long
You give me answers when I didnít ask
You keep bringing up my past
Always play the same old song
Tired of buying all your lies
Acting like I am alright
So I hope you liked it last time Ďcause that will be the final time I wear my painted smile and sing along
Yesterdayís where you belong

Ready, ready to put you behind me
Ready, ready to go
Ready, ready to show you the doorway
I think you need to know
That taking your time is out of the question
Youíre moving way too slow
Iíll never stay down
I donít want you around
Ready, ready to go

Can I make it anymore clear?
Youíre no longer welcome here
I guess you need to hear it again
Iíve got a brand new life
Loveís on my side
Games over, you lose I win
Yes, Iíll tell you one more time
No see you later itís goodbye
Hey, you need to pay attention
I donít know how you keep missiní everything Iím trying to say
Listen close, Iím moving on

Iíll put this behind me
The way you define me
Love says Iím something more
Iím over the pain
Iím done with the shame
I found what I waited for
You left me with scars
But He healed my heart
I found my place
Secure in His arms
So, Iíll put this behind me
Yeah, Iíll put you behind
Iíll put you behind me

© 2007 Sparrow

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