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Don't Worry Now lyrics

by Britt Nicole

Seven years old, you heard me cry
I donít wanna say goodbye
To the only man that I love
My daddy and everything he was
I donít think I can live without you
Dad, I know your breaking in two
With tears running down his face, he says weíre gonna make it
Weíre gonna make it

When you feel like you are all alone
Just like your best friend up and gone
Donít worry now
Donít worry now
Iíve been there yeah, I know how it feels
To wonder if love is even real
Donít worry now
Donít worry now
Itís gonna be ok

Iíve been trying to find a way to understand
When I canít see the picture of Godís plan
Why would He let us hurt so bad?
Could anything good come of these feeling that I have?
He loved me more than the sand on the beaches
He loved me more than the grass is green
And even though he had to go I always knew his love was part of me

Itís taken so long to let this go
Itís taken so long to feel that
Your right here next to me
And I can finally breathe
Itís taken so long but now I know
I had to find out on my own
When nothing could convince me
Your love it convinced me
That itís gonna be ok
© 2007 Sparrow

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