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Don't Trust That Girl lyrics

by Ace Troubleshooter

You know that kind of girl
That makes your heart beat all fast?
You know that kind of love
That you know will last?
I knew that kind of girl
I knew that kind of love
But then she broke it off
When I was so sure of her

Don't trust that girl
She's up to no good
She'll mess with you
Like no one should

Empty promises thrown into the wind
Mirage vanishes, never to see again
Hey fellas, be you ware
Don't wanna end up like me
Another victim of her stupid female schemes

And so the time moves on
With feelings come and gone
And Christ is the One constant I can lean on
So now I am left here
Feeling like a schmuck
With one thought on my mind:_____________
© 2000 Bec Recordings / Emd

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